Volume of domains

Top and second level domains

Dot brand top level domain offer brands the option to rethink their domain and website strategy, and possibly to create a very large number of domains.

While generic domain names are very volume driven, the registration of a large number of domains is actually only one of the potential developments for a dot brand registry. Other developments include features such as popularity and traffic on a website, meaning of the domain name, search engine optimization, and quality of navigation.

Split of domain names

Split per Brand

The chart shows which are the largest players relative to number of domain names. Many other factors, identified in our multi-criteria analysis, are very important for a dot brand Top Level Domain :

  • How good are brands in search engines ? See SEO section
  • How popular are they ? See popularity section

Split per Industry Vertical

The chart represents the split of domain names per brand vertical category. The size of the square represents the equivalent share of domain names. For more details on the activity of domain names, visit the Content page.

The chart is extracted for the global dot brand dashboard .

Geographical split

The geographic distribution of dot brands merits some consideration. While North American companies apparently submitted the majority of dot brand applications, registry operators in Europe and China appear to be moving faster when it comes to delegation (making the top level domains live) and creating active second level domains.

Once again, however, the data sample is relatively small, and can easily be skewed by one or two dot brands so these conclusions are tentative.

One possible reason for the enthusiasm of European dot brand applicants in pushing ahead with their registries is that they are accustomed to seeing their brands under multiple ccTLD extensions. There are over 40 ccTLD extensions covering Europe alone. It is equally possible that European brands have communication strategies that lend themselves more to the application of a dot brand.

The geographical origin of applicants has been defined by ICANN as equating to the address of the entity that submitted the application. Note that some brands applied via one of their subsidiaries. This may not be located in the country where activity is occurring.

The chart represents the split of domain names per geography – as per the location declared by the applicant in the ICANN application process. The color represents the number of actual websites.

The chart is extracted from the global dot brand dashboard .

Geographical Split of Active Websites

Geographical Split of all Domains Registered in Dot Brand TLD