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DotBrand Domain Name Taxonomy

DotBrand Naming Standards

Length of .brand second level domain names

The .brand space is new. Brands start with a totally pristine domain name space, and are free to create any domain they wanted — with some exceptions related to some geographies and some abbreviations codes that requires special attention. The chart compares the repartition of domains based on their length for .com, .org and the new .brand TLD. The chart shows that domain names created in the dot brand world are shorter than the average domain name. Yet, creating short names does not seem to be only objective of a dot brand domain – memorability, typability seem to be as important as the length of domain names. There are only very few one character domains.

Standards for domain names

Brands have usually created unique and relevant second level domain names in their .brand space. 75% of the domain names have been registered by only one brand. Brands have been developing and registering domain names that represent their brand universe or specificities, more than for standard navigation or generic keywords.

Semantic of .brand domain names

Meaning of .brand domain names

We have organized the .brand domain names based on their meaning. This organization is challenging as some domain names are a, and other have multiple meanings.

“Home” dot brand for instance generally corresponds to navigation. However, a certain number of domain names are still noted as Work in Progress (WIP) as the analysis of specific domain name is manual and requires extensive research.

Brands have been very specific in the creation of their second level domain names. The average frequency of second level domain names is around 1.2, evolving with time. Brands have been developing and registering domain names that represent their brand universe or specificites. For example, MMA has applied for all the places where there are some agencies. The domain names that are most frequent are :

  • Home.brand, which is used as the entry portal to the brand
  • www.brand, which is a also used to access the main home page
  • my.brand

Language of domain names

This chart represents the split of second level domain names based on the language of the domain itself. The geographic names can be either name of cities, countries, regions or two character codes. English domain names correspond to English keywords or sentences, such as “annualreport”. The words such as “support” that are French and English, were categorised under the most popular language.

The language of content of the website does not necessarily correspond the language of the domain itself. For example, some of the content from is in Spanish.