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A Prudent Approach

In this first phase of discovery and learning, brands are usually testing and piloting their new dot brand top level domain name. The concept of the pilots is to limit the risks, and therefore initial launches are made on websites where limited traffic is expected.

Top 10 most popular dot brand websites

As of April 1, 2017

RankDomain NameAlexa Ranking
1banco.bradesco3 067
2mabanque.bnpparibas3 154
3blog.google13 247
4domains.google22 017
5global.canon45 752
6my.monash46 353
7mabanquepro.bnpparibas49 605
8chime.aws61 890
9home.cern66 572
10group.bnpparibas67 919

JCB, the Japanese credit card company, has launched their new .jcb domain name, starting with their international sites and some lower traffic local sites – Vietnam, Russia or India. Visit our case study page to download a complete analysis of dot JCB.

Barclays, the UK based Bank, has launched as their corporate site. This site is ranked in the top 100’000 most popular sites, but the most active site for barclays is, who actually ranks in the top 5’000 most visited sites.

Furthermore, as detailed in our SEO section, many sites are not optimised for search engines. Global popularity of dot brand domains is still relatively low.

Alexa Ranking

For this report, we used Alexa to analyse the traffic volumes for dot brand websites. While it must be noted that Alexa does not provide a comprehensive measure of internet traffic, it is a useful tool that gives a good indication of the popularity of websites.

Brands don’t share the traffic on their websites, but systems such as Alexa enable us to make estimations and comparisos.  Alexa is a system that is powered by Amazon. Other tools such as Similar Web or Compete also provide some insights on the traffic of websites.

Alexa provides a ranking of the popularity of websites, from 1 to 20 million.

While dot brand domain names are still not very popular, it is interesting to note the trend towards an increasing presence of dot brand in popular websites. The chart displays the evolution over time – the darker color corresponds to the most recent analysis. The right part of the chart are the most popular websites. The number of sites in the more popular categories is increasing, while the proportion in the least popular is decreasing.

Social media likes

The number of social media likes is a good indicator of the popularity of websites. This indicator is tracked only since August 2016, and is also influenced by the recent changes in Facebook like buttons. A minority of new dot brand are being liked on the social media – Google+ and Linkedin