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Dot Brand Advertising and Communication

Brands are increasingly communicating about their new domain names, mentioning the .brand domain on traditional brand advertising material:

Flyers, leaflets, posters, shopping bags, tv advertising, and more.

New .brand domain names are also used as destination on adwords campaigns.

Dot Brand Advertising

Brands are mentioning URL on posters, domains and online banner advertising.

The swiss bank Pictet mentions the URL “” on large posters in the airports of Geneva and Zurich. This is the support of the new global campaign for Pictet.

Barclays, the major british bank, runs some campaigns using their domain name.

Out of home brand advertising

The use of dot brand domain names on out of home brand advertising, such as posters, displays and storefront enables brands to use efficient and memorable domain names, that users will be able to type again when they are back home. is for instance displayed in Heathrow Terminal 3.

Dot brand adwords

Domain names are also powered by adwords campaigns. The objective is to raise the awareness and to drive traffic to the website. Hitachi uses this strategy to drive trafic to their social innovation site.

Dot brand  TV ads and commercials

TV ads often call to visit a website. Fage, Leclerc and BNP Paribas mention a dot brand website in an advertising.

Dot brand banners

There are fewer domain names used on banners. Banners can raise awareness, but are usually graphic based and do not carry lots of text. Banners are also used on websites, where the user can click directly if he is interested and wants to visit that site. This does therefore not require the writing of the domain name itself.