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SLD-details 2017-11-19T17:38:06+00:00 – October 2017

Website Screencopy

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SEO Parameters


Searching for “we are tennis “
Bing ranking : 1
Google ranking : 1
Searching for “we are tennis bnpparibas”
Bing ranking :  1
Google ranking :  1

Inbound linking domains : 8 398
Total number of inbound links : 8 405
SEM Rush domain score : 11/100
SEM Rush Trust score : 14/100

Alexa rank : 829 353

Number of Google +1 : 0
Number of Facebook Share : 37 984
Number of LinkedIn like : 0

Keywords generating most traffic on website

we are tennis
tennis fan
karsten braasch williams
italian tennis players



Pages listed in Bing : 5 620
Pages listed in Google : 3 900
Number of words on landing page : 12
Size of landing page : 9 046 bytes
The word “wearetennis” appears 6 times in the landing page text
The word “bnpparibas” appears 5 times in the landing page text
Web Server : Apache, nginx, nginx 1.6, nginx, nginx 1.6
Development Technology : PHP
Content Management System:
Meta Description : We Are Tennis: Découvrez les Avantages Tennis avec BNP Paribas. Retrouvez toute l’actualité du tennis, les joueurs, les tournois, le Classement ATP & WTA. Suivez les matchs et les résultats en live.
HTLM Title : We Are Tennis : L’actualité et les Avantages Tennis avec BNP Paribas

Domain registration data

Keyword Assessment

Name Server :
MX Server : No
Language : en
Number of words : 3
Length of domain name : 11
Category : slogan
Family : 0
Name structure : CVVCVCVCCVC
Estimated Difficulty to seize first search results for “we are tennis”: 0/100
Volume of monthly searches for “we are tennis”: 0
Volume of results when searching for “we are tennis”: 0

Website History

Google Pages
Alexa Rank

Other websites
269 pages in Google

Ranked 797’330in Alexa
885 pages in Google

Ranked 1’305’917in Alexa
22’300 pages in Google

Ranked 249’012in Alexa
9 pages in Google
404 pages in Google

Ranked 5’865’873in Alexa
2 pages in Google
0 pages in Google

Ranked 11’324’451in Alexa
4 pages in Google
70 pages in Google

Ranked 2’359’710in Alexa
18 pages in Google
25 pages in Google

Ranked 11’348’805in Alexa
453 pages in Google

Ranked 7’647’677in Alexa
5 pages in Google

Ranked 15’938’197in Alexa
947 pages in Google

Ranked 927’603in Alexa
49 pages in Google

Ranked 1’275’327in Alexa
186 pages in Google

Ranked 3’880’149in Alexa
1 pages in Google
One page in Google
0 pages in Google
12 pages in Google
0 pages in Google
3 pages in Google
21’500 pages in Google

Ranked 64’185in Alexa
1 pages in Google
One page in Google
971 pages in Google

Ranked 4’570’278in Alexa
928 pages in Google

Ranked 9’438’008in Alexa
126 pages in Google

Ranked 5’117’900in Alexa
2’380 pages in Google

Ranked 355’664in Alexa
940 pages in Google

Ranked 48’724in Alexa
3’190 pages in Google

Ranked 3’079in Alexa
3’900 pages in Google

Ranked 829’353in Alexa