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SLD-details 2017-11-19T17:38:06+00:00 – February 2017

Website Screencopy

dot-brand-website for

SEO Performance

Website Popularity

Searching for “online academy “
Bing ranking : >100
Google ranking : >100
Searching for “online academy aco”
Bing ranking :  1
Google ranking :  1

Number of Facebook Share : 0
Number of LinkedIn like : 0

SEO Parameters


Total number of inbound links : 0
Pages listed in Bing : 6
Pages listed in Google : 20
Volume of monthly searches for “online academy”: 720
Cost Per Click for “online academy”: 5.78 USD
Meta Description :
HTLM Title : ACO Online Academy
The word “online-academy” appears 0 times in the landing page text
The word “aco” appears 51 times in the landing page text

Domain Technical Setup

Keyword Assessment

Name Server :
MX Server : No
Language : en
Category : corporate

Website History

Other websites
14 pages in Google
16 pages in Google
73 pages in Google

Ranked 9’613’848in Alexa
23 pages in Google
20 pages in Google
4 pages in Google
2 pages in Google

Ranked 28’442’498in Alexa
1 pages in Google
One page in Google
3 pages in Google

Ranked 16’429’561in Alexa
8 pages in Google

Ranked 28’067’058in Alexa