diagnostics.abbott – December 2017

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Searching for “diagnostics “
Bing ranking : >100
Google ranking : >100
Searching for “diagnostics abbott”
Bing ranking : >100
Google ranking :  50
Alexa rank : 10 280 000
Number of Facebook Share : 0
Number of LinkedIn like : 0

SEO Parameters


Total number of inbound links : 0
Pages listed in Bing : 2
Pages listed in Google : 24
Volume of monthly searches for “diagnostics”: 5 400
Cost Per Click for “diagnostics”: 1.14 USD
Meta Description : Personalisierte Lösungen für Core Lab, Molecular, Point of Care und Transfusion Medicine als Beitrag zur Neudefinition des Leistungspotentials in medizinischen Einrichtungen.
HTLM Title : Abbott Diagnostics | Personalisierte Lösungen für bessere Gesundheitsversorgung
The word “diagnostics” appears 73 times in the landing page text
The word “abbott” appears 177 times in the landing page text

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Name Server : rossns.abbott.com.
MX Server : No
Language : en
Category : category

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