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dot deloitte TLD marketing – May 2017

Dot deloitte TLD marketing - May 2017 Women magazine in the Philippines features a Deloitte TLD marketing advertising, using the domain HeartOfWhatMatters.Deloitte.   TLD marketing by Deloitte Deloitte's uses a keyword rich and memorable URL to point to The domain name is composed of four words that have been capitalized in order to help [...]

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dot leclerc – April 2017

E.Leclerc is a French cooperative society and hypermarket chain. In 2014, 18,3 millions households visited a Leclerc supermarket. Leclerc publishes advertising brochure with the weekly promotions. The website printed on their brochures is, a Leclerc dot brand Top Level Domain name. The logo also represents The letter E stands for Edouard Leclerc, the founded [...]

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