Dot Brand Keywords and Search Analysis

Dot brand domains associate a keyword or keyphrase and a brand name as the two parts of an internet address, as in Environment is the keyword but also the second- level domain name, and Google is the brand name and the top -level domain. is therefore a dot brand domain and also an actual website. Brands that own their dot brand space have the possibility to can registering the keywords or keyphrases of their choice.

The question is :

Is there a benefit in registering frequently searched keywords as a Second Level Domains?

To answer this question, we performed a search on every registered second-level keyword or keyphrase with or without the brand name.

Branded Search corresponds to a user searching specifically for your brand. For example, a search for “Customer Care Gucci” is a branded search – Gucci is the brand.

Our searches were performed during summer 2017, and our new search report presents our findings, illustrates how brands can think and make use of SEO when launching dot brand websites.

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