Dot brand site to host a 4 billion Euros e-commerce

The French National Railways company SNCF  launches their new e-commerce progamme, supported by a dot brand domain


Adword campaigns enable to increase the awareness and the traffic to the new website :

oui dot SNCF adwords gTLD TLD dotbrand

The present programme,, was started back in June 2000. The global turnover exceeded 4 Billion Euros in 2016, with more than 86 million tickets sold ( source : Wikipedia )

dot SNCF and InOui Announcement

The programme was announced in June 2017, as part of a global rebranding of the offer of the French railways. The June 2017 announcement covered the launch of a new premium TGV service, called InOui, together with the rebranding of to, as part of the global communication plan around the keyword oui – meaning yes in french.

The online offer was seen as outdated and obsolete compared to more moder offers such as the ones from the German railways.

In October 2017, SNCF opened a working space in the middle of Paris, in order to allow users and other actors to share their views and to work together to a better service. This is part of the global open innovation programme of the railway company. workspace

Newsletters were sent on a weekly basis during November 2017. is also used in the trains to connect to the onboard Wifi service.

wifi dot sncf flyer. dotbrand gTLD awareness and use

wifi dot sncf flyer. dotbrand gTLD promotion and use

Dot brand domains

Dotbrand is an internet address associating a keyword or a phrase with a brand name resulting in an significant and meaningfull destination: keyword.brand. 600 brands applied with ICANN, back in 2012, and 540 effectively register and manage their name as a Top Level Domain. These internet address can be used for branded short URL, for product catalogue, for licensees, and also for the distribution network.

Use cases include major banks main sites, such as BNPParibas, Saxo Bank or Bradesco.