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Dot Brand

Dot Brand is the combination of a keyword or phrases together with a brand name into one internet address: keyword.brand.

247 brands, including Microsoft, Bloomberg, Google or BMW have so far created 6’840 such dot brand addresses over the past two years. We ran a complete analysis on the use of those domain names and found that using dot brand addresses as Short URL redirecting the user to existing content is a popular and efficient use case of dot brand domains.

Short URL Redirect

In order to efficiently share content from a website with friends, colleagues, customers or prospects, people use the URL. These URL are most often quite long and complex and do not look good on an email, on an advertisement or a social post.

log url dot brand observatory

Short URL redirects are used to replace a link to a complex URL by a short set of characters. This is used extensively in social media, where text must be short and efficient. is the short URL for

Most popular URL shorteners are Yourls, bitly, or rebrandly.

  • Yourls is free and open source, requiring installation and is not adapted for an enterprise level solution.
  • Bitly is a very well known short URL service, shortening 600 million links per month, offering also a enterprise solution used by new York times to shorten URL to Its core business is the url shortener.
  • is the URL shortener of Google, launched in 2009. Facebook uses and twitter
  • Rebrandly is specialized in branded links for enterprises and brands, enabling to customize the complete link – domain and path.

Dot Brand and Redirects

Dot brand addresses, such as, were launched in 2014, as most brands already owned and managed their main site. Using a dot brand domain as a redirect to another website is very popular :  204 brands make use of domain redirect and 3’571 of the 6’459 domains registered are redirecting.

55% of dot brand are redirects to other dot brand domains

Dot Brand Short URL Use Cases

Support communication and advertising

Deloitte communicates on, which is a meaningful redirect to the present website page where they explain and discuss how they have been rethinking their brand.

brand dot deloitte

Select language

Abbott runs its programme “life to the fullest” in three languages from their dot abbott domain – The language variant is managed in the path, as the spanish version is This variant can be directly reached with the address :

Branded links and social media

Active is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that provides software as a service for activity and participant management. is their branded link shortener for social media posts. branded link short URL using dot brand

Meaningful redirects

MMA is a French insurer that has registered  every one of their 1’730 MMA agencies in France as a domain in their .mma space. These domains redirect the users to the corresponding page within the main website. Users can navigate directly to their local insurance company’s contact.

More examples and illustration in our detailed study. Download the pdf here.

Visual domains

Leclerc is a major french supermarket, selling parapharmaceutical products online via its store The domain is represented visually as a cream on some flyers, for easy memorization of the name., visual domain for dotbrand


Customer benefits: Easier navigation

Dot Brand short URL and domain redirects providing a fast and efficient navigation to the desired content, with a clear signpost.

User knows what to expect when clicking on, not on an anonymous short URL.

User can get to the correct information in one click less: will save the language selection step on

Brand benefits: Trust, deliverability and branding

  • Increased trust and better deliverability: A branded link provides guarantee that the linked content is relevant and consistent with the brand. It is also a security that the link is not a spam or phishing sites. According to branded link specialist Rebrandly, branded links increase the click through rate (CTR) by 39%.
  • Better brand awareness: The link features the brand name, so regardless of what content is being shared (even if it’s pointing customers to other brand’s content), the brand is being shared every time.


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