Dot deloitte TLD marketing – May 2017

Women magazine in the Philippines features a Deloitte TLD marketing advertising, using the domain HeartOfWhatMatters.Deloitte.

dot deloitte advertising on women's magazine in Philippines


TLD marketing by Deloitte

Deloitte’s uses a keyword rich and memorable URL to point to The domain name is composed of four words that have been capitalized in order to help recognition and support the typing of the subsequent domain.

Deloitte also uses as a branded link in youtube advertising.

Deloitte TLD

In 2011, Deloitte was among the first brands to express their interest in the new gTLD programme. “Some of the aspects are unknown, but being a first mover has risks and great rewards,” Deloitte web communications exec Bill Barrett told Marketing Week. “It aligns with Deloitte’s positioning around being innovative and one step ahead.”

Dot deloitte went live in January 2016. Deloitte registered 18 domains in the dot deloitte space as of May 2017. 11 of these domains are used as branded links to point to another domain –, or others.

TLD marketing by BNPParibas, Fage and others

Brand advertising examples from dot brand observatory.