Leclerc’s wine e-commerce store is on “ma cave” means my cellar and also my wine cellar.

This is the third e-commerce site for Leclerc in their .leclerc TLD, after and Leclerc is a french supermarket chain who applied for their .leclerc domain name extension in 2012. They are amongst the pioneers who have been deploying branded domain names, and propose a growing universe of sites in their dot brand universe.

Details about .leclerc TLD profile.

Details about SLD profile.

Download our dot leclerc TLD case study ( mid 2016 )

e-commerce store for wine in dot leclerc domain

Leclerc makes an intensive use of their branded Top Level Domain names in their communication material, on television, brochures or flyers. the logo is also inspiring and presents the brand with a dot as in the TLD, where e is the domain name and .leclerc is the domain extension.