dot Abbott – a multi-dimensional domain for better reach and customer service

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dot Abbott – a multi-dimensional domain for better reach and customer service

dot Abbott case study main takeouts

  1. Abbott was one of the first brands to launch a dot brand domain in October 2015. With 107 domains in dot Abbott, out of which 32 are actual live websites as of April 2017, Abbott is also one of the largest players in the dot brand world.
  2. Websites on the dot Abbott Top Level Domain are optimised for search engines. Robots can crawl the sites, the URL are well structured and the images have the right tags in place.
  3. Abbott has activated the dot Abbott domain in a progressive fashion. The number of live sites grew from one to six between October 2015 and October 2016. dot abbott TLD advertising in New York Since November 2016, an average of five new sites have been going live every month. The most popular websites of the Abbott galaxy are using the .COM Top Level Domain.
  4. Abbott uses their new Top Level Domains in a Three dimension matrix – Geographies, keywords, campaigns and events.
  5. The dot brand domains and websites have been used by Abbott on outdoor advertising to promote the ‘life to the fullest’ campaign.

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Abbott and dot abbott

Abbott Laboratories is an America worldwide health care company. It has close to 100,000 employees and operates in more than 150 countries.

As per dot abbott application from ICANN’s website: The intended future mission and purpose of the .ABBOTT gTLD is to serve as a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive namespace provided by Abbott and its subsidiaries for its consumers.

Multicriteria analysis



Google lists 11’280 pages in the dot Abbott Top Level Domain as of April 1. Abbott is the 8th largest Top Level Domain by that metric. These pages are spread over 30 sites. is the largest site with 6’500 pages. 21 of the Abbott dot brand websites are secured by an SSL Certificate, making Abbot the largest dot brand operator of https websites, above BNPParibas which has 15 https sites.


Abbott has initially migrated campaign mini-sites, such as, as well as dedicated mini-sites related to a product category such as These sites have a lower popularity than the core sites such as


The Abbott websites are well designed for SEO, as the average technical score of their sites is of 75 points out of 100. Sites such as top 83 points. 25 dot Abbott websites have an XML sitemap which is highly recommended for SEO.


Abbott’s domain name represent a large number of categories: from geographies and two character codes, to keywords related to the healthcare vertical, such as transfusion, as well as campaign names. Abbott also uses multiple languages in their domain name portfolio.


With 107 sites, Abbott is the 8th largest applicant, but 64 of these domains do not “resolve” – i.e. show an error message when the domain name is typed in the browser bar. Brands targeting higher volumes are using redirects which allows domains to resolve with limited effort. Abbott only has 10% of its domains redirect compared to an average of 55% across all brands.

An intuitive namespace for customers

Abbott is organizing its namespace in three dimensions, offer an easy and intuitive navigation.

  • Localization – country based approach
  • Product family – main product families such as nutrition, vascular or molecular
  • Campaigns – main abbott campaigns


The local site presents an overview of the different product categories. The vascular page within the irish website is an overview of the vascular technologies and benefits and is directed to end customers and patients.


The product family sites present the products with more details – is directed to health professionals.


Local sites are going live progressively – As of April 2017, there were around 10 country sites. France and Italy went live early April 2017.

Product family

Product family sites adress nutrition products, vascular, molecular and others.

Campaigns and promotions

Abbott launched in October 2015 a large campaign : life to the fullest, using the dot abbott TLD. Abbott also sponsors races such as marathons, and uses their TLD to promote these races.

The site is the largest site in the dot abbott world.

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