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Sony’s new dot sony campaign

For the second time, Sony is using their dot brand domain for promotions and events. After, Sony launched a series of concerts and musical events early 2017, featuring the Chainsmokers and promoting the new PlayStation VR. That promotion is efficiently supported by a dot sony domain name,

lost in music dot sony intro by dot brand observatory

A bit of history

assist moneypenny - a campaign on dot sonyIn November 2015, a new James Bond, Spectre, was released. Sony had then launched a game in the new gTLD dot sony space: The objective was to find and capture the bad guys who wanted to capture Moneypenny. More info can be found on

The new domain name community was very interested by this experiment, that showed how a new dot brand could associate powerful keywords and brand into one domain. was the 18th most popular dot brand domain name.

The game was naturally stopped after the movie launch period, and the domain was not resolving anymore. In November 2016, Sony deleted the domain from its zone file. This is the first complete major lifecycle in the new gTLD dot brand world, from creation of the domain name, to promotion to decommission in a relatively short period of time.



lost in music dot sony campaign on social media

In December 2016, Sony launched “Lost in music”, described as a journey to the edge of reality as we bring together the hottest Sony Music acts with groundbreaking PlayStation® VR technology to create unforgettable new musical experiences. Lost in music is actually a series of events in January 2017 in Los Angeles, March 2017 in Austin Texas, together with the Chainsmokers.
This is very central to Sony’s music business and supporting the PlayStation VR promotion, and is supported by the hashtag #lostinmusic, as well as by a site: That site is part of the dot sony space, a new gTLD dot brand domain name. While the domain is parked and for sales at 8’000 USD, the dot sony space is controlled by Sony where they can create the domain name of their choice.





Campaign and promotion

The hashtag #lostinmusic is active both in Instagram and twitter. The site features a social wall gathering the content generated by users and fans. That is a great way for Sony to generate automatically content for a new dot brand site, and has also been used by Abbott in

Sony uses the .com legacy TLD on their campaign related tweets, driving users to click on – that then redirects to







Search engine optimization ranks third when performing a search in Google for “lost in music Sony” – the search has been performed excluding the previous browsing history.

lost in music - a campaign on dot sony

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