Dot leclerc – gTLD pilots paving the way for rollout

Main Takeouts

  1. The Top Level Domain name is supporting the global strategy. Leclerc is a French supermarket and hypermarket chain, with an ambitious plan in digital, capitalizing on the combination of the proximity of stores and the convenience of online purchase.
  2. Leclerc is developing their dot brand TLD in a progressive and consistent approach. Second level domains correspond to product categories, keywords or specialized stores.
  3. Leclerc uses branded Top Level Domain to launch new significant specialized e-commerce boutiques : and
  4. Leclerc is using all of their domain names, only very few of them do not resolve, and these are test sites.
  5. Outdoor communication, brochures and even shopping bags mention the .leclerc Top Level Domain name.
  6. Download our pdf case study for more details.



Leclerc is a large French hypermarket chain, established on January 1, 1948 by Edouard Leclerc. His son, Michel Edouard Leclerc, is now in charge of the group. The e-commerce turnover reached 2.3 billion euros in 2015, for 24 million orders and a growth of 24%.

Leclerc successfully applied for its Top Level Domain name, .leclerc. The registry agreement was signed in August 2014, the delegation occurred on March 3, 2015, and the Spec 13 was granted mid-2015. The only other supermarket chains that applied for their own Top Level Domain are Target, Walmart and Lidl. page says :

The .leclerc, a secure and recognized space

The .leclerc was created to represent and position the well-known trademarks Leclerc and E.Leclerc, the most distinctive of the Movement Leclerc at the highest level of the DNS hierarchy.

ACDLec, registry of the .Leclerc, wishes to provide the community and its members a recognizable and trusted identification on the Internet. The extension will increase the visibility of the official communication of the brand.

The .leclerc also allows members of the community and end users interested in goods, services and activities of Leclerc to have a secure Internet environment, and to fight more effectively against any phishing attempt.

This new extension is also intended to reassure the users about the ownership of commercial sites to the Movement, which were originally created on various extensions (e.g. or Customers can have confidence in the sites in .Leclerc as they necessarily belong to the Movement.

The .leclerc increases the visibility of the brand and allows to communicate more directly with you.

Multi-criteria analysis

dot leclerc new TLD multi-criteria chart

Content: There are 9 websites on June 2016, and 52 domains are redirecting to other Leclerc pages. A total of 8’500 pages were indexed in Google for .leclerc, which makes it 6th largest dot brand TLD per pages indexed. 3 sites have an SSL certificate.

Popularity: The popularity of dot Leclerc websites is reasonably good, as the most popular page is ranked 227’000 on Alexa. Four out of nine active sites are not ranked, but these are the parking pages mentioned above.

SEO: Leclerc has an average SEO technical score of 66 out of 100, but the two main sites have a score of 69 and 76. One of the sites has as many as 739 inbound links, and 4 sites rank first on Google when performing an exact match search.

Taxonomy: Leclerc uses a wide range of terms – product categories, ( jewellery in french, auto) keywords such as music or sport, jargon such as high-tech – in French and English. It uses a combination of words and sentences ( quiestlemoinscher means whoisthecheapest), but also sub-brands ( tissaia is the clothing brand for Leclerc).

Volume: There were 66 domain names with .leclerc on June 1, which makes of Leclerc the 11th largest dot brand TLD.

Redirects and Communication

Redirects are used to create some memorable destinations, 52 domains are redirecting using 301 redirects – i.e. permanent redirects. This seems to say that Leclerc is envisaging this strategy as a long term one. They would probably have used a “302” redirect – temporary one – if they had wanted to launch shortly an actual website with that domain name. These redirects are mentioned in communication programmes, and specifically the leaflets distributed in the supermarkets.

WP_20160623_18_29_02_Pro redirects to, while redirects to


5 domains appear in the first page of google when searching for the association of second level domain and brand name. The domains that are not well ranked are the parking pages of the registrar.

Position of domain:Search without brand nameSearch with brand name>20>20


Parapharmacie has been particularly optimised for search, as the site is ranked first on google when searching for parapharmacie.

parapharmacie leclerc new gTLD SEO is an e-commerce website in the dot leclerc space, sells creams and parapharmaceutical products. It was launched in May 2016.

The site is advertised on shopping bags:

leclerc parapharmacie shopping bag with new domain name is an e-commerce website selling sport articles, dedicated to football during the EURO 2016 taking place in France. new domain name extension e-commerce

Some of the communication linked to that domain is creative, showing a football ball instead of the second level domain. creative campaign


Leclerc has launched two major e-commerce websites and a IP protected car rental site on their dot leclerc domain name. These sites are strategic related of timing – just before EURO2016 – or because of the specific topic – sales of parapharmacy products in supermarkets and online, and communicates on various supports – shopping bags, leaflets, banners.

The learnings that Leclerc is gathering on their new Top Level Domain name will enable them to deploy quickly and efficiently a global e-commerce.