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Dot bnpparibas – The most advanced dot brand

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is a French multinational bank and financial services company with global headquarters in Paris.

BNP Paribas signed an agreement with ICANN on 29 May 2014, successfully submitted specification 13 on 29 July 2014. The dot bnpparibas domain was delegated on 14 August 2014, making it one of the 40 first dot brand domain delegated.

Main takeouts

  1. BNP Paribas has migrated most of their digital assets to the new dot brand domains.
  2. The new dot brand domain name supports the transition from “yourbank” to “mybank”, communicating a customer centric message.
  3. Bnpparibas is the most popular dot brand website since the launch of
  4. The sites are very well ranked on organic results of search engines. Paid search supports the optimization their presence.
  5. The migration tactic was to start with the transactional website, and to move the marketing and institutional site nine months later.
  6. Download our case study as a pdf here

Multi-criteria analysis

Our proprietary multidimensional radar analysis analyses all the .brand TLD across five criteria, and presents the results in the following chart:

dot bnpparibas multicriteria analysis



BNP Paribas has created a significant volume of original content for its dot brand. There are 30’400 pages found on google on 24 dot bnpparibas second level domains. This makes it the 3rd largest branded TLD. 16 domains are using SSL certificates, which is a sign of authority for that content.


BNP Paribas’ most popular website is, based on Alexa’s data. It is ranked 3’129 in Sept 2016, corresponding to approximately 3.5 million monthly visitors. The site has over 3’740 facebook likes, and is the 6th most liked domain name.


BNP Paribas has worked extensively on the search side of their dot brand domain. The average SEO technical score is of 71.75, and some domains such as have a score of 87/100. When searching for the second level domain names – such as “ma banque pro” – the corresponding domain is ranked first on in 6 cases.



BNP Paribas is one of the rare Top Level Domain that makes it difficult to access its zone file. We were only able to capture 25% of their actual domain names. From what we see, BNP Paribas mainly uses French and English language. The average length of the domain names is 11.6 characters.


We only could access the domains via Google and Bing searches, and therefore the list is limited to 32 domains. 21 other dot brands have more domains, including MMA with 1’700 domains. According to, these are 120 domains, which would increase the corresponding score of BNP Paribas.

Domain overview

The main transactional site for bnpparibas is It is the main online banking site for the customers of the bank. The transition from to was progressive over 6 months end of 2015.

mabanque dot bnpparibas website


The name of the corresponding facebook page is, building a consistent naming strategy beyond the domain name. The twitter profile is also consistent.

mabanque dot bnpparibas facebook page

BNPParibas uses their new dot brand website on posters and outdoor advertising.

dot bnpparibas advertising

BNP Paribas is also using adwords to promote their dot brand websites. More examples and budgets in our pdf case study.

dot bnpparibas promotion using adwords

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