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Dot sener – Brand digital platform relaunch


Sener is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956. It seeks to offer its clients the most advanced technological solutions and enjoys international recognition thanks to its independence and its commitment to innovation and quality.

Sener signed the registry agreement with ICANN on 24 Oct 2014. Specification 13 had been successfully applied for in August 2014.

The dot sener top level domain name was then delegated into the root zone file on May 1, 2015. Sener then launched their new online platform on June 2, 2016.

Verisign is providing the back end services for the dot sener, and Sener is supported by CSC Global.

Main takeouts

  1. Sener has launched its new web platform in June 2016 on 11 main core domains.
  2. The domain names are explicitly specifying the business line, the content and the language. The domain name is a clear signpost about what to expect.
  3. Sener’s new TLD websites are very well ranked when searching for the brand “Sener”. Some sites are also well ranked when searching simply for the keyword.
  4. Sener’s sites are designed for a B to B and have a relatively low traffic.
  5. Sener has created a visual consistant communication about the launch of their new TLD, showing the importance of the project internally and also externally
  6. Download our detailed case study for more details

Multi-criteria Analysis

Our proprietary multidimensional radar analysis analyses all the .brand TLD across five criteria, and presents the results in the following chart:

multi-criteria analysis for dot sener by the dot brand observatory

Multi-criteria analysis chart for dot Sener

Content: Sener has put quite some effort in the content for their new TLD. 13 domain names resolve to an actual website. Only 8 brands have more active websites than Sener. Google has indexed close to 6’000 pages on their new dot Sener TLD, and 9 brands have more pages on Google than Sener.

Popularity: Sener’s website are oriented on BtoB, and are therefore less visited than other dot brand websites that are directed to a broad public. The most popular site in the Sener domain is beyond the 1 million most popular website. There are 37 other dot brand domains in the top million.

SEO: Sener has created domains that are longer than average, but that contain activity related keywords. The keywords in the domain name also correspond to keywords used in the content of the website itself. This enables them to get a good SEO score.

Taxonomy: Sener’s domains are using six languages – Spanish, English, Polish, “tech” language such as, “mandatory” nic, but also specific abbreviations or subbrands such as foran or eipsa.

Sener is using a large number of categories of domain names :

  • corporate keywords such as annual report,
  • business keywords such as poweroilandgas,
  • navigation such as home
  • values such as innovation.

Volume: Sener has registered 22 Second Level domains in their new .sener, which is a relatively low number. 30 brands created more domains – out of which MMA and Neustar who total 2’200 domain names. Yet, only a few http header requests give an error message.

Sener strategical approach:

Sener migrated completely their digital platform on the new dot brand, and has used various communication channels to announce their launch. More details to be found in our extensive case study

sener communicates about the launch on their social media

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