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The Dot Brand Observatory is the leading research and analysis programme on Dot Brands. 544 brands registered their brand name at the highest level of the internet address hierarchy, the Top Level Domain. Sponsored by Verisign, the research analyses the strategies, tactics and operations of the brands that are proactively using their new domain name to create better customer experience and to enhance their brands. On this site you will find a global status graphical dashboard, illustrating the growing landscape of Dot Brand. Dot Brand profiles represent the brand activity on their Domain Name. The websites using a dot brand internet address are analysed individually, and most active brands are presented in detailed case studies . As per advertising section, dot brand internet adresses are used in brand marketing, outdoor advertising, TV ads as well as adwords.

These resources are essential to anyone involved in brand development and protection, looking for inspiration, benchmarks or insights.

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Key Figures from our June Research


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Geographical split of dot brand websites

Most active countries are Germany, France, Spain and USA.

The list of every dot brand website per country is available in our Profiles Dashboard.

Dot brand websites growth

Publishing websites with a dot brand address is the most engaging type of  dot brand activation. Brands publish main core websites as well as campaigns minisites.

Dot Brand shortcuts as branded links efficiently and seamlessly redirect the user to a dedicated page of another existing site while increasing the awareness, recognition and efficiency of the link,

 Other domains either do not resolve at the second level – they may in a temporary waiting status, or may require a third level domain name – or are the mandatory network information center nic.brand pages.

We have defined activation frameworks for brands to provide a better online customer experience via dot brand domains, detailed in our dot brand activation framework section.

Dot brand growth

The Active Brands are brands publishing at least one website using the brand TLD adress structure. Their number is growing progressively.

The Present Brands have registered more than one domain, that may be used as a branded link to redirect the user, or to publish a website or for test and trial purposes.

 The total number of brand Top Level Domains is stable until decision is taken to allow more new gTLD applications.

What does the research cover ?


Dot brand activity and status

Marketing, Business and Technical Standpoint

Summarized Dashboards

Detailed Description

Top Level Profiles

Specific data for every dot brand registry

Brand Strategy Assessment

Multi-Dimensional Maturity

Search, Naming, Popularity

Websites Profiles

Details for every actual website

Individual Website Profiles

Keyword performance, Website Backoffice

Content and Search Engine Optimization

Case Studies

Deep dives into brand strategies and operations

Dot Brand Strategy Illustration

Communication and Advertising

In depth 360° Business analysis and review

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